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Real Alternatives’ Service Provider Approval Process

Real Alternatives

A charitable organization that provides life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support services, Real Alternatives utilizes a network of providers that includes social service agencies, pregnancy support centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes. Real Alternatives’ aim is to encourage pregnant women to choose childbirth rather than abortion, and it works to facilitate the delivery of temporary shelter, confidential counseling, and childbirth classes to support women in this choice..

To obtain approval as service providers, the agencies and support centers must strictly comply with Real Alternatives’ requirements. The preliminary step in the approval process requires service providers to be registered nonprofit organizations as described in section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code. Potential providers must provide life-affirming pregnancy support services. They must be willing to serve clients regardless of economic status, language, race, and religion. Potential service providers will not demand payment from eligible clients.
Once all the preliminary conditions are met, the potential service providers must supply supporting documents that describe their operations. The documents include a copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, mission statement, organizational structure, policies and procedure, and training materials. The registered nonprofit must also submit a current insurance policy, state police and child abuse/background check clearances, and a signed statement of agreement to Charitable Choice Act procedure.
After screening the documents, Real Alternatives proceeds to site inspection to make sure that the provider’s place of business is safe and also suitable for people with disabilities. If all is up to par, the provider can enter training and be part of RA’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program.

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