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Real Alternatives’ Success Stories Speak Volumes about Compassion

Real Alternatives

Through its free counseling programs and social services assistance, the nonprofit group Real Alternatives continues to transform the lives of women experiencing crisis pregnancies. Working in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana, Real Alternatives offers a welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere in its offices and provides practical help through parenting skills training, educational programs, and other help.

The group has worked with hundreds of thousands of women whose lives it has helped transform for the better.
On its website, it offers access to several inspirational videos that detail the personal stories of some of these women. They include a young woman who came to its counselors when she was four months pregnant and dealing with her own drug addiction, and found an open door of compassion and an oasis of peace.
They also include a woman who described herself as “clueless” about being a parent, but who, after working with Real Alternatives, gained the confidence she needed to raise her child. Still another young woman invited her fiance to the parenting classes, which drew them closer together in the warm atmosphere the group provided.
Experienced counselors point to the fact that their primary focus in working with clients is to nurture the kind of trust that allows women to feel respected and supported, and to help women blossom through gaining renewed self-direction and empowerment. Their job, one counselor said, is to “mother the mother.”

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